Connecting all items to the digital world with NFC micro chips.

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We have a large number of features to help every user get the most out of MYNE. We are continuously increasing the number of features on the platform. Below are some of the main features that we currently offer our customers.

Organise belongings

MYNE. users can add an unlimited* number of items to their account to help organise all their personal belongings.

Return lost items

With simple, in-app messaging, someone who finds your lost item, can easily and anonymously contact you and organise its safe return

Locate items

MYNE allows you to add a location an item that has been put into storage. You'll never forget where you put those skis last winter!

Group Ownership

Sports clubs and societies can register items and allow their members to rent their kit. MYNE makes it easy to keep track of who has which items and to contact members effortlessly.

Why We Exist

80 Million items are lost each year in the UK and only 25% of them get back to their owner. We're on a mission to help reunite more people with their lost belongings.

More and more items are being connected to the “Internet of things”!

What this really means is that a huge number of items are being connected to the digital world, which allows people to interact with items in intelligent ways. The issue we see at MYNE. is that companies are focussing on the electronic items but there are billions of non-electronic items that aren't connected to the digital world.

How we are different!

There are products on the market that attach to your items and allow you to somewhat locate your items via Bluetooth trackers, but these items are costly, bulky and large. For larger and more expensive items this may work, but many people if you are not able to attach a large tracker to your items or want to spend £20 per item in the hope of finding it.

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